Hotel Safety Tips

HOTEL SAFETY TIP: Book a room where the doors for room entry are inside. WHY? Doors facing outside are dangerous because anyone can walk up to them, and they're less likely to be covered by security cameras.

HOTEL SAFETY TIP: Look for WORKING security cameras. Find this out at the front desk when you check-in. WHY? Many hotels will have cameras, but if they're not functioning, they're useless! You need to know which ones don't work to avoid those areas or book another hotel.

HOTEL SAFETY TIP: When you're in your hotel room for the night: Block the door physically. Use a chair (to prop against the doorknob) or a nightstand or piece of furniture. WHY? It may not stop someone from entering, but it will make noise which can be a warning for you to get help!

HOTEL SAFETY TIP: Don't give info over the phone (especially at night). If someone says they're calling from the front desk, hang up and call them back from the room phone to verify that. WHY? Sometimes people are calling just to see if someone is in the room.

HOTEL SAFETY TIP: Speaking of calls received on the hotel phone: Don't leave the room right after a call from the front desk asking you to come down (even if they have your car and/or personal info). Think about the time of day and other safety concerns before exiting your room. WHY? Criminals and ne'er'do'wells can easily obtain this information, and if it's especially late at night, when areas are more isolated and less likely to have lots of foot traffic, it becomes a perfect time to either get you to leave your room (so it can be robbed), or to harm you on your way to the front desk once they've gotten you to leave your room or open the door!

HOTEL SAFETY TIP: Beware of your surroundings inside and outside of the hotel, especially in parking lots and garages. Look for people who may be watching you, or leering at entrances, near trash cans, elevator doors, etc. If possible, pass them with distance between you. WHY? It's always a good thing to maintain a general sense of situational awareness. When you're traveling, you're vulnerable in an unfamiliar place. Keep in mind: People commit crimes of opportunity. Don't give them that opportunity by being ill-informed about what's around you!

HOTEL SAFETY TIP: Carry your own DO NOT DISTURB sign. When I travel, I don't want anyone coming into my room for any reason when I'm not there. I learned to carry my own sign. WHY? It avoids depending on the hotel to provide one.
Tip: Loop a rubberband on it, then loop to the doorknob.